Thursday, October 7, 2010

Facts about Animals & Birds

Facts about Animals & Birds 1. Bees beat their wings 200 times per second.
2. Swifts fly non-stop for their first two or three years until they are old enough to breed. They eat and drink while flying.
3. The largest flying animal ever was a prehistoric reptile, Quetzalcoallus Northropi which lived 65 million years ago. It had a 12m wingspan, the width of a two seater airplane.
4. Eagles have the best eyesight of all animals and can spot a hare from 3 km away.
5. Arctic terns fly a distance of 35,000km while going from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back.
6. Fish hear through their bodies.
7. The loudest animal in the world is the Blue Whale. It can make sounds as loud as 188dB, that can be picked up 850 km away.
8. Electric eels store enough energy in their tails to light up 12 light bulbs. A shock from it could kill a person.
9. Leeches vary from a size of 25 cm to 1 meter.
10. Grasshoppers hear with their legs, waving them in the air to tell where a sound is coming from.
11. The arrow-poison frog in South America is very brightly colored and is one of the most poisonous animals in the world.
12. Snakes do not have ears and cant hear sounds through air. They pick up low sounds through the ground.
13. A particular breed of snakes, called Rattle snakes can see heat and can find and catch their prey even in the dark.
14. The fastest land animal in the world is the cheetah, which can run faster than 100 kmph. It can accelerate from 0 to 70 kmph in about 2 seconds.


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